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The Story of Lost Boy Clothing LLC

Lost Boy Clothing was started back in 2016 when our founder started selling hats right out of his backpack at his high school. Selling over 500 hats his senior year, the clothing company became our first profitable venture. We have become known for our 'Lost Boy' hats.


What started as just a hat with a song's cover art design has now developed into a clothing brand that strives to defy the boundaries of fashion and style.

Our clothing brand reflects our mission to stand apart, never compromising our passions and dreams for any reason. We want our garments to be worn by and encourage those who have set out on a journey of their own, leaving all comfort behind in pursuit of something greater just as our founders did. 

We've expanded to offer our very own resources to anyone looking to take their branding to the next level. With a combination of a talented team, fresh & unique concepts, modern fashion & design, and an eye for upcoming trends, we are best equipped to help you build your brand through our in house services. Our partners have worked with brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Era and Champion, offering the highest quality of services possible.

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